Top 4 Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Website

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Website

Website is the backbone for any business, as it is the first point of contact for a customer.For an existing or a prospective client, your website must be able to be spotted easily, while searching for the services or products of your business. A website will get maximum target audience, only if people can find it easier.

For instance, you are a manufacturer of customized dental chairs, which you have started on a small scale. What if a dentist who requires dental chairs for his clinic, types in Google ‘dental chair manufacturers in India’ and Boom! Your website appears as a top result. It is a fact that anybody who uses a search engine finds the desired solution within the first page of the search result display. When you are visible clear cut to those who need your service, you automatically draw them into your circle of business. Now that someone who is benefitted by your service spreads the news to others who are in similar necessity. Then more people start searching for your company directly, they start taking your service and your business starts to flourish. This process is what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is again a fusion of art and science, which has to be strategically implemented after conducting an exhaustive analysis and research of the present market trends with respect to your business. Businesses are greatly fond of investing soundly in SEO to make way for huge profits. A regular question arises in your mind while setting up the SEO strategy.Should you optimizethe website based on what customer needs or what search engine looks for? The answer is simple. There has to be a perfect balance and a strategic tradeoff between the two.

The following reasons emphasize the role of SEO in the present market trends and how much they are inevitable for the growth of your business.

1. The World is becoming Mobile

The number of people using internet on smart phones and tablets has increased dramatically over the last few years. With the fact that usage of mobiles for searching a requirement has already overtaken web search through a personal computer,it has become imperative for any business to own a website which is accessible across multiple platforms with ease. A business cannot risk losing web traffic and visibility from search engines without designing mobile responsive websites, while the other competent works well with mobile supportive websites.

Buy you may think what SEO has got to do with a mobile responsive website?

Google loves mobile responsive websites and ranks them better than the other counterparts which are not compatible with multiple screen sizes.

2. Robustness of a websitedo matters!

Users visiting any website are drawn into it and like to spend more time on it, only when it is user friendly and easily accessible. A common man who opens a website does not known any technical aspect behind its operation. But what he needs is easy navigation, steady links, fast loading time, uninterrupted server persistence, fine running apps and up to date technology. If your website fails to hold any of the mentioned aspects,then the visitor easily closes the page and moves on to a better one. SEO mainly focuses on making your website robust and user friendly, so as to leave a long lasting impact on the visitor’s mind. This is enough to make the visitors turn to customers and eventually regular clients.

3. Getwhat you want smartly

During earlier times, the salesperson had the power to read the minds of customers to organize their choices and get what they wanted. But today, customers are very clear as to what they want. They conduct extensive analysis from their end before deciding upon buying any product. In the present search engine era, internet users are given the power to access a myriad lot of data with ease. The search engine is also smart enough and correctly grasps what the visitor is searching for and delivers the result even before completely typing the requirement.

Customers research about the product or service reviews, run into statistics, pricing and other data before subscription or purchase. Day by day prospects started researching the pain points, perform comparison with competitor’s product and ask questions. The potential answers are the webpage that encloses relevant response for every search query. SEO is the only solution which ensures serving the customers with better answers by keyword research, result-driven content and easy to find website optimization.

4. Serving your existing customers

Existing customers act askey factorsin bringing new prospects. By nurturing better experience, Search Engine Optimization helps to develop potential value whereas customer support services try to engage customers as a business strategy. Sources such as pages of instructions, products, tips and FAQ must be provided in the most easily accessible way, so that customers get clarification regarding their queries. A strong customer resource component saves your cost more than paying to customer service representatives to provide similar answers.

Black hate SEO approaches like spam linking and stuffing keywords gain search presence, but loses the customer experience. Nowadays search engines have well-built and highly efficient algorithms for better understanding of what customers need based on assessment by experienced web users.

One last word. If you want to hear good music, you do not hand over a guitar to a layman and ask him to play. Instead, you would hire a professional. Similarly, if you want to do SEO, hire an SEO professional to obtain top notch results.

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