Mobile Web Vs Mobile App: Where Should You Invest for Your Marketing?

Mobile Web Vs Mobile App: Where Should You Invest for Your Marketing?

Are you in the planning stage to set up a mobile presence for your business? Two main considerations are supposed to come to your mind; whether to set up a mobile compatible webpage or develop a mobile app for users to download and use, or perhaps both. Both of them look similar at a first glance, but deciding upon which utility will most suit your needs depends upon various factors including the nature of your target audience, budget, purpose, and necessary features.

What’s the difference?

Before evaluating the benefits of a mobile website and a mobile app, it is essential to understand the key differences between the two.

A mobile website is designed specifically for the smaller-screen and touch-screen gadgets such as smart phones, tablets or phablets. It can be accessed from the browser of any mobile device irrespective of the OS such as Safari of  iOS, Chrome of Android, or Opera Mini of Blackberry. When the user types a URL in the mobile device or clicks on a link from mobile, the device automatically redirects to the mobile version of the webpage.

A mobile app is a smart phone or tablet specific application. Unlike a mobile website, an app has to be searched for, downloaded, and installed in a mobile for using it henceforth. The apps have to be downloaded from app marketplace such as Google Play Store for Android, App store for iOS or Windows store for Microsoft mobile phones.

Which is beneficial - Mobile App or Mobile Website?

When you have to decide upon which option to go on with, it really depends upon your end goals, as both mobile website and mobile apps have their own pros and cons.

The primary benefit of a mobile website is that, it makes regular websites more user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

With similar look, feel, and features as that of a conventional website, the mobile website adjusts its layout according to the screen size of the smart device. With mobile website, smart phone and tablet users can access your website from anywhere and from any device without any compromise on the tremendous user experience . Some of the uncompromising advantages of a mobile website are as follows.

  • Mobile websites are instantly available.
  • They are compatible across devices.
  • Can be found easily.
  • Mobile websites can never be deleted.
  • Mobile websites are easier to use and are less expensive.

Even though a mobile app functions similar to a mobile website, it has the benefit of occupying its own corner in the user’s device. As an app stays on the device, businesses have an independent control over their customers. Even though setting up an app takes time, accessing it is much easy and simpler, compared to a website where the browser has to be opened and URL has to be typed or searched through a search engine. Some stand-alone benefits of a mobile app are as follows.

  • For interactive games and activities, apps are the most favorable choice.
  • For regular and personalized use, apps are the best.
  • Operating a mobile app does not require an internet connection always.

The Bottom line

When your business is huge and needs an exclusive application for interaction with customers independently, then developing a mobile app is beneficial. Otherwise, it turns out to be an expensive option, compared to developing a website, which can be found easily on search engines and has got a far broader reach.




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