The Futuristic Trend Of Promotional Emails That Convert

The Futuristic Trend Of Promotional Emails That Convert

Did you know that email came even before the internet?

More than a tremendous invention of the century, email stands to evolve from a humble beginning. Literally speaking, email is what making the world go around. With the exponentially growing advancements in technology, email is something which is still alive and serves to be the paramount communication medium.

Did you know how the email is mostly used? A survey says that 66% of emails are newsletters, 54% are promotional emails and 42% are ‘welcome’ emails. Promotional emails generally receive a bad response, as a majority of them are not opened at all. But when they work, they really work to such a big extent. Another research says that 44% of email receivers made a purchase on based on a promotional email.

The varieties of promotional emails are boundless, and creativity is the limit. However, based on the emails received, the promotional emails can be for sales, special offers, holidays, upgrade emails, invitations, newsletters or those of blog posts.

Does your promotional email trigger recipients?

As far as email marketing is concerned, it is sent in bulk to potential customers. Hence it needs to be perfect and catchy. Follow these simple tricks to achieve a successful email marketing campaign.

  • Keep your sentences short and simple.
  • Make your message easily readable. Write the message in small paragraphs, include sub headers and bullets which enable a user to read the content with ease.
  • Use more of ‘you’ and less of ‘we’.
  • Make sure that the subject line of the email aligns with the message body. If not, there are maximum chances for your email to reach the spam.
  • Use SEO keywords wisely across the body of the email and at the subject headline.
  • Know your target market and write for them.
  • Ensure that the ‘call to action’ is available in plenty with ease, throughout the email.
  • Above all, proofread again and again.

Where can your promotional email possibly go wrong?

Being familiar with the causes where your promotional email can possibly go wrong can help you to stay aware and avoid the probable mistakes. The number of mistakes that can lead to a promotional email failure, again has no limits. However, the following 3 mistakes are the most common.

1. Lack of proper segmentation

Group your audience based on categories and frame your promotional email accordingly. You can segment your addressees based on the following categories.

  • Age group, gender, personality types.
  • Company, industry, job nature etc.
  • Date of signup, date of addition to your group.
  • Frequency of purchase, last purchase date, previous items purchased, items left in shopping cart etc.
  • Open rate and click rate of email promotions.
  • State, country, city, zip code etc.
  • Based on Social media likes and comments.

2. Irregularity in sending emails

The major mistakes which email marketers do is, send emails continuously or not sending any emails for a considerable period of time. In the former case, email recipients get annoyed and stop opening emails from you. In the latter case, you fail to be in touch with your audience. Sending promotional emails at continuous intervals of time ensures maximum success rate.

3. Irrelevant message

Sending valid emails which are relevant to your audience is extremely important. Unsolicited emails easily get into spam folders.  When you segment your recipients correctly, sending relevant emails is much easier.

Increase conversions with brilliant deliverability

The time of sending promotional email is very important. Know your target audience and decide when to send your email promotion. Another major factor is getting to know how to skip spam filters and send emails directly to the inbox. To master the art of it, understand the working methods of spam filters as an initial step. Each email is given a score by filters with lengthy criteria list. An email is marked as spam when it gets a high score. Passing the score varies with different servers. Understand the common rules about the spam filters which would make the task much easier for you.

  • Stop sending promotional emails to an inactive or old listing customer.
  • Never send large sized images without and or with minimum texts. The more time it takes to load, the lesser time people take to close it and push it to spam.
  • Verify the HTML or format of your content before sending it. Every individual is cautious and alert about identity thefts and look for http or https before any URL. Do not fall into the trap of spam folder even if you are a legitimate source.
  • Emails withextreme use of exclamation, high sales tone, and caps in subject line are conventional spam indicators. Hence avoid them at the maximum.

The Bottom Line

It is not that promotional emails always have to be spam or annoying. When rightfully crafted, they have got immense power to convert visitors into customers, thus boosting your ROI.  There is no rule of thumb to create a successful promotional email. The more creative you are, you make more heads turn!

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