Five Website Design Improvement Tips That Will Boost Conversion

Five Website Design Improvement Tips That Will Boost Conversion

As we know, web design is the overall process of designing and developing a website by following a sequence of several steps and procedures using design tools and softwares. Apart from what we see from the outside, a web design encompasses the entire structure, architecture, user interface, and layout of the website, which is built brick by brick and painted with colors, contrast images, and typefaces. How much creative, unique, and attractive the website is, so is the conversion rate.

How to increase conversion rates with better web design?

Did you know that navigation, speed, layout, ease of use, color contrast, and graphics of your website design have a big impact on converting your visitors into customers? Only the websites which offer best experience to users by following certain technical and aesthetic rules have been serving as successful websites today.

Besides the visual appeal, technically powerful websites are those which create a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. After all, no one would like to browse through a website which is slow and has dead links or poor navigation. If you want to make your website the instrumental factor for improving conversion rates, it is highly essential to follow certain design improvements to ensure that you satisfy all the checkpoints as a website with a good design and operation.

Tips for a better web design that will boost conversion

1. Go responsive with your web design

According to a research by ComScore, the usage of internet in mobiles and tablets has increased by a bombing 394 and 1721 percentage from 2010 to 2014. In fact, mobile web browsing has become a benchmark, where consumers use their mobile gadgets to communicate, chat, shop online, find routes, listen to music, and much more. A responsive web design aids this process by adapting to any screen size, and offers improved interface usability and more clarity than making the users to pinch and zoom each time.

2. Combine SEO and CRO – a match made in heaven!

A digital marketing strategy is never complete without an SEO component incorporated into it. A brilliant search engine optimization technique increases the visibility, improves conversion, and boosts the ranking in search engines. But it does not add value if your visitors don’t turn to clients. That is the reason why SEO should be combined with CRO; the latter acts as a perfect complement to SEO and both work in harmony to achieve the desired results.

3. Use website design aesthetics to the fullest!

Apart from displaying information, a website which is communicating with a visitor is what draws them inside, engages, and converts them into buyers. The colors, graphics, and visuals of your website play a major role in changing the mood of a visitor, boosting brand recognition, and taking purchase decisions. There are innumerable factors in your website including text, white spaces, buttons, navigation, and so on, using which you can play around aesthetically to direct your visitors to ‘call to action’.

4. Publish Smart Content

Content is the major traffic driver and conversion generator, as far as website design is concerned. It is the content which makes the user to take decisions such as create account, signup for newsletter, add to cart etc. Content does not promise immediate results. However, a good content certainly plays an important role in making an obvious change by leaving an impact about your brand, products, and services in the visitor’s mind.

5. Perform testing

Testing is the fundamental commandment of conversion rate optimization. After implementing your website design changes, conduct an A/B testing, which is nothing but launching your website in two different versions of design or content or layout and observing response from users. Based on the results, you can freeze the website which receives maximum response.

Redesigning a website is highly recommended for improving the features that act as conversion spoilers and by working towards the goal of increasing conversions and eventually sales. Also implement design changes with proper plan, for achieving more conversions.


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