Five Smart Conversion Strategies to Tweak Your Visitors Into Customers

Five Smart Conversion Strategies to Tweak Your Visitors Into Customers

Getting to see the number of visitors for your site increase daily is awesome isn’t it? Who would not wish to see results like this?

But visits alone do not equate the problem to a successful business growth solution. To make money and increase your ROI, you need to convert visitors into your customers. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) serves to be the most challenging buzzword in the recent days. Having a good conversion rate is absolutely crucial for your business. An accelerated conversion rate is the foundation for obtaining high sales volume.

Read on the five smart conversion strategies to tweak your visitors into customers.

1. Implement A/B Testing

CRO is all about testing, evaluating, and implementing. Perform the A/B testing method to increase your website’s conversion rate. For instance, if you have two headlines in mind and thinking over which one to choose, you can run the A/B testing method to determine which one works better. Create two web pages, Page A and Page B and set them live. Create ‘Call To Action’ in both pages and keep track of how many visitors took the CTA. The page which received more visitors and response is certainly going to be the successful option.

2. Construct a clear value proposition

At the end of the day, all customers have got just 2 questions to ask you.

  • What have you got for me?
  • Why should I buy from you?

If you are able to answer the above questions in just 10 words, then you are almost there to complete your goal. Describe a clear-cut statement as to why a customer should buy from you instead of your competitors.

To create a brilliant value proposition, your page must ‘welcome’ your customers and highlight your key factors which your competitors do not have.

3. Say bye-bye to Jargons

I recently came across a website with the following value proposition.

“Revenue focused marketing automation and sales effectiveness solutions unleash collaboration throughout the revenue cycle.”

Can you really understand what does that mean? Not so clear right?

You want people to read what you do and understand your process. Clearly convey your message using simple words instead of a fancy and complicated business language.

4. Build Trust

Sales Guru ZigZiglar once said; ‘There are 4 reasons why someone will not buy from you – no need, no money, no hurry, and no trust.’

You cannot help with respect to first three options. But you can absolutely establish trust in the hearts of your visitors, which plays a major role in turning them into customers. How to build trust?

  • Make it easy for your visitors to understand the credibility of your website. Provide testimonials, citations, and articles about your business.
  • Provide your contact details such as address, phone number, and email address clearly. Also, implement a live chat system if possible.
  • If you have experts in your organization and hold a successful track record, express your credentials using a brilliant content.
  • Make your site professional and user-friendly and restrain from ads and offers which annoy the users by blinking or flashing in between.
  • Avoid errors of all types however small they could be.


5. Set up a sales funnel

Persuading your customers for sale definitely collapses your conversion rate. Especially, if your business is in a specialized industry. Make your customers understand what you do as a first step. Give them a very clear idea of what you offer by providing free demo or promotional offers. The actual sales funnel goes like this.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Sales

Awareness is the wider portion of the funnel and sales is the narrow region of the funnel. When you follow the right order, customers also follow the same order to receive your service.

Bottom Line

Remember that, even if you hold a 2% conversion and increase it to 3%, it is actually a 50% uplift in results. Even a small tweak can lead to a significant improvement in conversion rates. Several such small and few big tweaks will dramatically increase your results.

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