Advantages Of Conversion Rate Optimization For Your Business

Advantages Of Conversion Rate Optimization For Your Business

In the present climate of economic impacts, the importance of your website’s conversion rate has become more than crucialthan ever. Similar to money, managing the traffic to your website is highly essential than the traffic itself.


Businesses get huge advantages through Conversion Rate Optimization. CRO plays a major role in improving the revenue of your business and helps to reduce the enterprise expenses. The following are the benefits which you can reap by using Conversion rate Optimization.

1. The obvious reason, more profit for free!

The most evident reason why you should focus on CRO is that, it is free. Essentially, you are going to get back more for what you invest; the fact being you get more profit, not more revenue. Just think about it. You are not going to spend any money for advertising. You are not going to pay more to obtain new customers. But on the contrary, the amount you put in is going to be same, but your returns are going to boost. Why? Because more people are converting! How can this increased conversion affect your business?


  • More users start taking your service, no doubts on that front.
  • As the user experience is enhanced, the recurring clients will be more.
  • The increase in your profit is disproportionate, which means a 50% increase in conversion rate can result in a 500% increase in the profit.
  • The end result is the formation of a ‘virtual circle of conversion rate optimization’, which means that more sales will automatically market for more conversions, and the cycle repeats.

2. You take away customers from your competitor!

When you fail to convert a potential customer, obviously they can end up making a profit for your competitor. Hence, when your conversion rate is increased, you naturally take customers away from your competitors, thus giving an edge to them.

But there is a warning at this stage. Once you start giving a slight edge against your competitors, you have to make sure that you stay ahead and maintain the pace or keep moving forward.

3. You catch stronger leads

You cannot expect everyone who visits your website to become a customer. And you cannot use CRO for that purpose as well, as it is a waste of time. Because, not all of your visitors are going to be strong leads.

CRO focuses on optimizing your conversion rate on visitors who are stronger and are high quality leads. It means that, when you identify and capture your strong leads, there are maximum chances that they become your customers.

4. Reduced risk

As much as Conversion Rate Optimization increases the profit of your website, it also reduces the risk of losses. In fact, this is a very important factor than making gains. For instance, say you have implemented a feature on your website with an intention of increasing the leads, just because your competitor has done it or your management has requested you to do. Unfortunately, if that feature fails, then it is a significant loss for you, as it involves months of your hard work and you fail to increase conversions as well.  CRO reduces risk, due to the presence of following features.


  • Thorough testing of the concept and obtaining proof before implementing it.
  • Very low investment to develop concepts.
  • CRO helps you realize the reasons behind losing the previous attempt and develop an idea that is definitely successful and profitable.

5. CRO is your secret weapon!

The fact is that your competitors may be doing conversion rate optimization or maybe not. Even if they don’t do it, they might be starting soon. They might visit your website and try to keenly observe what strategies you follow. But as far as CRO is concerned, it is an entirely different story. It is not like where your competitor can run a software tool and figure out what CRO strategies you follow. As far as CRO is concerned, it is a mix of several initiatives and processes from your environment which cannot be evaluated from the perspective of a third person. Hence, CRO is your secret weapon!


Conversion Rate Optimization has got the potential to completely change the bottom line of your business, the only investment being the knowledge applied. CRO is not some magical spell that has somehow started to evade everyone. It is an indication that your website can always be improved and the scope for development is tremendous. Ultimately, CRO is the method of identifying the problem areas of your website and fixing them to eventually improve the performance. It is as simple as that!


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