How To Use SEO To Build Brand Authority?

How To Use SEO To Build Brand Authority?

Have you ever thought what more can SEO do apart from increasing your search rankings? Believe it or not, there is lot more!

The most important one being, building your brand’s awareness. For a growing business, increasing your online presence is more than important. You are established as a big player in your industry and naturally this boosts your SEO. So, the process of online marketing is reciprocal, in other words, mutually beneficial.  Hence, by using proper SEO techniques, your brand value and authority increases, which in turn increases the frequency of search for your organization, resulting in more sales ultimately.

How to use SEO to increase brand authority?

1. Carve your niche

One of the important steps to climb the SEO ladder faster is to carve your niche in the industry. Focus all your efforts on one particular industry or category of service rather than being the jack of all trades. Use standard keyword research to uncover the most commonly used and specific keywords and phrases. By doing this, you face less competition and start being spotted separately. You also devote all your skill-sharpening and learning towards one niche, and eventually become a master of it.

2. Bring return visitors to your site

Now say that you have an attractive website and rank as a top search result on Google. Customers find you and visit your page. But, what is the surety that they will visit you again and again and make more purchases?

SEO mantra works magic here. Small businesses mainly conduct onsite optimization and local optimization as a main SEO tactic to bring return visitors to their site. Onsite optimization ensures that a visitor receives a positive experience when they visit your business website, so that they are most likely to visit again and again. But how to make positive waves to overflow from your website?

  • If the page takes more than 3 seconds to load, most chances are there that the user terminates your website and moves on to another one. Hence, set up faster load times.
  • When your website is not mobile or smart device responsive, then users get annoyed trying to pinch and zoom the content each time. Hence, make your website mobile responsive.
  • Establish clear cut ‘Call to action’ buttons which kindles the user to make a purchase decision instantly.

3. Establish trust

How can you establish a strong trust on the hearts and minds of your customers? Only through content!

Content is the king, as far as SEO is concerned. When your website talks to its visitors like a friend, answers their questions and serves as a resource, it fosters trust and makes them return customers. For instance, if you own an online pet store, setting up blogs on the varieties of pet food available, what to feed your dog when he is sick, how to train your dog to be friendly etc can be very useful to customers offering them more information and gaining their trust. Also ensure that you post your blogs on a regular basis from time to time depending upon the latest trends. It is all in your hands have to trigger interest from your customers and make them come to you again and again.

4. Write in forums

Join forums and online communities which are of your niche category. Be active and respond to sensible issues. Also share your experiences and steps to address or overcome any scenario. When you are proactive in a group, you tend to be more prominent and known by many. This can increase the network of your supporters and drive them to become your customers.

5. Create video tutorials

Videos can convey all the information better than words, when delivered correctly. Speak with a subtle and kind tone. DO not speak extra and keep it to the point. Tutorials can create more interest and give sufficient knowledge regarding your service or product to customers.


Once you start implementing these suggestions on to your SEO, you will notice a snowball effect and enjoy faster results. This will spread your brand to a wider audience and establish a strong brand authority.

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