Red River Oil and Gas is a contract land services company from Shreveport, LA and was experiencing usability issues with their outdated website, After consulting with us, we identified, their website is not mobile friendly and not structured. They do have good traffic but less inquiries.

From our initial communication itself, we understand that, they were looking for short scroll website and we know it works best for their target customers.

Our creative team has presented a well structured design which works best on all devices, Even if the website is short scroll website, we have used javascript and jQuery Technologies to structure contents in tabs. We have also developed the custom plugin to display crude oil and natural gas pricing from NASDAQ API.

CMS chosen was wordpress,We have configured the installation in a way that management and digital marketing of the website can be done without spending much time with the help of some outstanding wordpress SEO plugins and custom coding, so its easy for client to do any changes/updates.

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