What is Under Construction / Maintenance Mode ?

Under Construction or Maintenance Mode Plugin is a simple and easy to configure Coming Soon Landing Page plugin with the best available features and customizable options.Under Construction or Maintenance Mode is packed with 5 Responsive Landing Page templates with social media icons, custom HTML blocks, count down timer to show the date and time of website launch etc.

We have also released few addons for the Under Construction/Maintenance Mode Plugin to help users to make the best out of the plugin.

Product Features


Template Customization Options

We are providing the best multi device friendly under construction or website launch templates but still we know you may have many ideas in your mind to make your work in progress page more unique. We have structured the settings in a way that helps you to simply configure and make it look unique. You can choose, background images of your choice, colors, font size, text/contents for most of all the elements in our templates, even you can hide elements that you don't wish to get displayed.

Auto Launch Option

You can configure a date and time which you wish to launch your website or disable maintenance mode, coming soon or under construction landing page and make the website available for public. Enabling auto launch will automatically make your website public.


Private URL Access Addon

You can generate private access URL's to show your website to your contacts/ clients when website is in under construction mode. You can generate URL by setting expiry depends on time and page impression.

Available on URL Access Addon

Custom HTML Page Support

We are always flexible, we never force to use what we designed, We know you may have a better design to showcase when your website is in offline or under construction mode. You have the easy option to define your own HTML code for the construction mode page. So when you activate the Temporary Unavailable mode, this will be shown.


Social Media Integrated

We have included social media icons in coming soon or construction mode template, so even if your site is in work in progress mode, your visitors can connect with you over social media. We do have easy option at settings to configure your social media profile links.

Count Down Timer

When your website is temporary unavailable, or in under construction or under maintenance mode, you can show count down timer to your visitors so they can simply know when your website will be back. Its easy to configure the expected launch date and time in settings. If you wish, you can also hide the count down timers.


SEO Configuration

We know, how much important a search engine optimization is and so the title, meta tags and basic search engine optimization options can be easily customizable from our settings, and this is applicable for all our supported construction mode templates.

Acurax Under Construction Service Theme Pack 1

Service Theme Pack 1 enables you to Showcase Products and Services While Your Website Is Under Construction.This theme pack have 4 highly customizable themes with Contact/Lead Capture Form,Service/Product Showcase, About us Section etc...

Available on Service Theme Pack 1 Addon

Google Analytics

Its easy to add your google analytics code to under construction page, We have option to input google analytics code in our settings.


Available Addons

Addon Features

Private URL Access Addon

You may needs to showcase the website to your friends, contacts or clients to get approval, or get suggestions. When website is in under construction mode, they may needs to login or provide you their ip address to grand them access.

But using Private Access URL Addon, You will get the option to generate a private URL which you can provide to anyone, and they can access your website, They wont see the under construction page until the url expire.While generating a URL, You can set expiry, It can be Never, So URL is valid until you delete it.

Can set expiry as Hours, So URL will be active for specified hours from their first visit.Can also set expiry as page views. Lets say, you generated a URL for 10 Page views, and when someone visit the URL and access 10 pages or visited 10 times.URL will automatically gets expired.




Service Theme Pack 1

Showcase Products and Services While Your Website Is Under Construction

We have prepared 4 special themes STP1-A ,STP1-B,STP1-C,STP1-D as an Addon plugin labeled "Service Theme Pack 1" which you can install just like a normal plugin after purchase.

These themes are designed and developed with high customizable options.This theme pack have 4 highly customizable themes with Contact/Lead Capture Form,Service/Product Showcase, About us Section etc...

Demo/Live Preview : Template 1 | Template 2 | Template 3 | Template 4



Page Policy Manager

Page Policy Manager is a simple and easy addon which helps you to Include/Exclude Pages/Posts from showing Under Construction/Maintenance Pages

The addon have feature to choose a list of pages or posts and set the condition as

SHOW Maintenance Mode for the Selected Pages


DO NOT SHOW Maintenance Mode for the Selected Pages

This helps you to have maintenance mode showing only on a specific page or unlock only your contact page etc. Check Screenshots to get a clear idea on settings




As Featured On

Acurax Under Construction or Maintenance Mode Plugin has been featured on many popular developers portals and blogs.

Number of downloads


Since our first wordpress plugin which is released in 2012, We have helped 1,713,642 wordpress users with our plugins as per wordpress.org download metrics.

What people are saying

  • Good plugin - Replies: 0 Easy to use and easy integration.Recommend!

    Posted On: Tue, 13-February-2018, 8:57pm at wordpress.org

  • Great Plugin, Thank you very much! - Replies: 0 Good features, nice templates and IP whitelist (which the others don’t have).

    Posted On: Fri, 5-January-2018, 1:40pm at wordpress.org

  • Good app - Replies: 5 They respond to support issues too.

    • This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by galt.
    • This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by galt.
    • This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by galt.

    Posted On: Tue, 2-January-2018, 6:35pm at wordpress.org

  • Excellent tool! - Replies: 0 Hi, Have been using this plugin for a few years now, and it is excellent! Does what it needs to do, and more! Using it on several sites. Kind regards, Swier Miedema.

    Posted On: Fri, 1-December-2017, 8:54am at wordpress.org

  • Great plugin - Replies: 0 Good one!

    Posted On: Mon, 13-November-2017, 9:26pm at wordpress.org

  • Awesome Plugin - Replies: 0 Easy and Cool to use.

    Posted On: Mon, 30-October-2017, 2:53pm at wordpress.org

  • very good and simple - Replies: 0 it’s easy to use and very beautiful

    Posted On: Sat, 28-October-2017, 4:33pm at wordpress.org

  • The licens is for one site only! - Replies: 0 The plugin is great, so great that I bought the addon URL Access Addon to create unique URLs to get access to the site.
    To my disappointment the plugin is only for one site. You have to buy a new licens for every domain to use it on. In my opinion this plugin is for developers that create sites regularly and will use this in multiply sites. This is not mentioned anywhere and they are so slow on answering questions the the 30 days money back was long gone when I finally found this out after weeks off troubleshooting. Sad, when the plugin is great.

    Posted On: Thu, 26-October-2017, 4:51am at wordpress.org

  • A versatile high-quality plugin - Replies: 0 Does exactly what it says and is highly customizable. Thank you for the amazing plugin!

    Posted On: Sun, 22-October-2017, 6:33pm at wordpress.org

  • Awesome - Replies: 0 As of now this is the best temporary page plugin in my view.

    Posted On: Tue, 26-September-2017, 1:00pm at wordpress.org

  • Great plugin. Recommended to everyone. - Replies: 0 I’m a developer, and i used the plugin in my own website [link redacted] and many other client’s websites. Thanks. Best Regards
    Asad Zaman [ Moderated: Link redacted, please do not post links in reviews. ]

    • This topic was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by t-p.
    • This topic was modified 5 months, 1 week ago by t-p.

    Posted On: Tue, 12-September-2017, 4:18am at wordpress.org

  • Finally one that isn’t full of sh1t - Replies: 0 Jeez, I don’t know how many of these under construction plugins I’ve tried over the years and they all have some bloody irritation or something preventing you doing the thing you actually want to show on the maintenance page. This is the very first one that I’m actually pleased about and will be using it from now on every new client website we build.

    Posted On: Thu, 3-August-2017, 4:48am at wordpress.org

  • Good - Replies: 0 Perfect Right Out of the Box!

    Posted On: Thu, 27-July-2017, 10:23am at wordpress.org

  • I like it, Thanks you very much - Replies: 0 Thanks Guy

    Posted On: Wed, 19-July-2017, 6:29pm at wordpress.org

  • Simple and good - Replies: 0 Flexible, easy to customize.
    High quality. Dev has good eye for details.

    Posted On: Sat, 10-June-2017, 1:23pm at wordpress.org

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  • Excellent plugin - Easy to set up and use and has some super features - that other maintenance mode plugins either do not have or are broken in them. This works right out of the box.

    Csaba Pozsárkó Archaeological Supervisor & Lawyer at Building and Heritage Protection Office,Hungary Area
  • Nice plugin. Very easy to understand and implement, the way plugins should be, built to do what it is intended for, and with ease. And did I mention the support I got? Apt and timely. Thank you so much.

    Jeremiah Nigeria
  • A must use plugin - This plugin is so easy and quick to setup and the results are awesome. Congrats and thank you!

    Alex Ojeda Andres Programador Aplicaciones Con Tecnologías Web - Autónomo, Barcelona Area, Spain
  • The best maintain mode plugin - I really like the features and all the options in this plugin and I think this is the best. I recommend you to use this plug in if you are search for maintain mode plug-in

    Alexlynpi alexlynpi.com
  • Just what I needed - Perfect and highly customizable "under construction" page with countdown. Just what I needed for the job!

    Nicholas C. Rossis Award Winning Dream Protecting Author
  • Super. Simple. Solid - Great plugin. Gives you just the features you need for holding visitors at bay professionaly.

    Mark Robson Partner, Insight Group Marketing, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought the plugin, whats next?

When you purchase the premium plugin or any addons, you will receive an email with the premium plugin/addon as an attachment along with its installation instructions. It will be send to the email that you provided at the time of purcahse/ordering. If you are not able to find the email from us in your inbox, please check spam/junk folder.

Is there any reccuring/monthly/yearly fees/charges?

No, there is no reccuring fees. Once you purchase, you own it for life. You are eligible for lifetime updates for the plugin unless its mentioned with the product description.

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