What is Floating Social Media Icons ?

Floating Social Media Icon (Social Media Floating Icons) are packed with tons of features which gives you the power to have the best result on your social media presence from your website visitors. The basic version itself packed with 20+ icon themes, icon animation, widget support, shortcode support, drag and drop reorder,set icon size...

You can make the social media icons to appear automatically or you can use social media widgets, short-code or PHP code to display the social media icons where ever you like to want.

If you choose to show Social Media Icon automatically. The icons will fly from top left to bottom right and the social media icons will stay there even if user scrolls the page, thus it floats - When it comes to power addon, you have the total power to choose where to start the icon fly animation, and where to end and stay. You can also configure how many icons to show in a row, and so can make it vertical or horiozontal.

Product Features



Floating Social Media Icons wordpress plugin is bundled with tons of social media icon design / theme to choose from. For each supported social media, we have about 20+ icon styles/themes that you can select in one click.


Premium Floating Social Media Icons Have Great Quality icons.Quality Adds Clarity. It helps you to keep your website social media icons sharper like your graphics which adds sharpness not only to icons but decrease the clarity differance on dark backgrounds.

Available on Social Media Power Addon


Premium Floating Social Media Icons Settings Page is Optimised for ease of configuration, We have ajaxified settings pages so options to configure only gets visible according to your configurations. This helps you to have no confusion on configuration thus configure Social Media icons easly.

Available on Social Media Power Addon


Want to show Differant icons on your Sidebar and Footer? Now you can do it easly even no needs to configure social media profile urls on each widget. You have the option to add as many as widgets to your sidebar or footer widget area. You have the option to Define Widget Title, Can choose ICON DESIGN, ICON SIZE and ICON ALIGNMENT to LEFT CENTER and RIGHT For Each Widget.You can also define icon mouse over animation - Bounce,Fade,Scale,Combo Along with Default Icon Opacity.



Wanna disable fly animation after some page views? Now you can set fly animation repeat interval based on page views, time, or both. For example: If you want your visitors to see the fly animation only in every 10 page views, you can select animation repeat logic to "Based on Number of Pages Browsed" and set value to 10. or If you want to show fly animation after 5 page views or after every 50 seconds (which ever comes first) you have the option. go to settings and explore.. Configure it easily with our ajaxified settings.

Available on Social Media Power Addon


Yes, Now you can manage your little butterfly :) You have the option to select from where to start the fly animation and where to end its fly. You can select the positions from Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Center Left, Center Center, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right. This is very usefull feature and helps you to make your visitors feel happy in the same time user frieldly. For example if you have a live chat option which floats at bottom right of your page, then the social media icons can be configured to fly from top right to bottom left or as you wish.You can also define icon mouse over animation - Bounce,Fade,Scale,Combo Along with Default Icon Opacity.

Available on Social Media Power Addon


Premium Floating Social Media icons Come with option to define the function of icons. You can set the floating icons to act as social media profile links which links to your social media profiles or as share icons which helps users to share your site contents on their social media profiles. You can also have multiple widgets where one act as profile link and other act as share buttons and each in differant icon style or size. Premium Version Shortcode and PHP Code also have the option to define Share/Link to Profile.There is also option to hide a share button that you dont want to use.

Available on Social Media Power Addon


You have the power to disable floating if needed and can use shortcode and php code to display the social media icons, You have 3 options to select from, "Automatic Only (Will Float) - Shortcode and PHP code will not show icons", "Manual Only (Using Shortcode or PHP Code - Will not float)" and "Automatic and Manual (Shortcode/PHP will not float but Automatic will Float)" Floating Social Media Icons are flexible according to your needs.



Now, Set Your Social Media Icons order according to your priority in seconds, Drag and Reorder Social Media Icons Easly. Drag and Reorder is Ajaxified in Both Premium and Free Versions and so you not even needs to click update after reorder, because it will automaticaly save on your drag and drop.


You have more power - Now you can use the advanced support of php and shortcode integration. You can use the shortcode or php code to display social media profile links or social media share buttons as you wish, any icons any size which plugin supports.Free version of the floating social media only support icon size and icon theme on shortcode and php integration, but premium support Social Media Share/Profile Link, Hover Animation Effects,Default Icon Opacity. Enjoy posting your social media icons on blog posts as share buttons, select icon style/size according to your post contents.

Available on Social Media Power Addon

Product Comparison

basic version
Premium/Power Addon
Buy now
More Sharp Quality IconsLearn more
20+ Icon Theme/StyleLearn more
Can Choose Icon Theme/Style
Can Choose Icon Size
Automatic/Manual Integration
Set MouseOver text for each icon in Share Mode
Set MouseOver text for each icon in Profile Link Mode
Option to HIDE Invididual Share Icon
Set Floating Icons in Vertical
Define how many icons in 1 row
Add Custom Icons
Icon Function[?]
Link to Social Media Profile
Share On Social MediaLearn more
Fly Animation
Mouse Over Effects
Fly Animation Repeat Interval[?]
Based On Time in Seconds
Based On Time in Minutes
Based On Time in Hours
Based on Page Views
Based On Page Views and Time
Multiple Fly Animation[?]
Can Choose Fly Start Position
Can Choose Fly End Position
Easy to Configure
Ajax Based Settings PageLearn more
Drag & Drop Reorder IconsLearn more
Easy to Configure
Widget Support
Multiple WidgetsLearn more
Separate Icon Style/Theme For Each
Separate Icon Size For Each
Set whether the icons to Link Profiles/SHARE
Separate Mouse Over Multiple Animation for Each
Separate Default Opacity for Each
Shortcode Support
Multiple Instances
Separate Icon Style/Theme For Each
Separate Icon Size For Each
Set whether the icons to Link Profiles/SHARE
Separate Mouse Over Multiple Animation for Each
Separate Default Opacity for Each
PHP Code Support
Multiple Instances
Separate Icon Style/Theme For Each
Separate Icon Size For Each
Set whether the icons to Link Profiles/SHARE
Separate Mouse Over Multiple Animation for Each
Separate Default Opacity for Each

Available Addons

Addon Features

Social Media - Power Addon Plugin

Acurax Social Media Power Addon is the advanced feature rich version of basic social media plugin from Acurax.

The power addon is packed with more sharp quality icons, with option to set animation for mouse overing. The ultimate feature comes with power addon is the ability to have UNLIMITED number of custom icons, Which means, you can upload any number of icons of your choice and link them to anywhere even to your website internal pages.

Social Media Function Option allows you to set the icon as share icons or profile linking icons, The plugin also adds option in page and posts, while editing to define Social Media Meta Tags. Share icons can also be integrated automatically to page/post.

You can also configure where to start and end the fly animation, along with the logic options to define Fly Animation repeat interval, Which means, you can limit the fly animation to happen only after X minutes or x impressions or both. Go through the comparison tab to know more about the Power Addon Features.

Compare Features of Basic With Power Addon

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Since our first wordpress plugin which is released in 2012, We have helped 1,846,533 wordpress users with our plugins as per wordpress.org download metrics.

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    Can hide those icons which are not relevant.
    Plenty of options to choose from.

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Get Social

  • The Floating Social Media Icon Wordpress Plugin was installed on our QuiltAddict.com recently. The plugin installed flawlessly and the set-up options were easily selected for our preferences. We currently have the Icon Floating capability disabled due to website theme preference, although the Icons themselves function well, look great! Thanks for your Support.

    Doug Stuner Quilt Addict Team
  • Icons are wonderful - Display much better against a dark background.so everything is good now! I think you folks definitely have the most attractive and professional looking plugin for this. Works well in all browsers I have tested including my iPhone4s and iPad3.

    Sean McCormick Owner/Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought the plugin, whats next?

When you purchase the premium plugin or any addons, you will receive an email with the premium plugin/addon as an attachment along with its installation instructions. It will be send to the email that you provided at the time of purcahse/ordering. If you are not able to find the email from us in your inbox, please check spam/junk folder.

Is there any reccuring/monthly/yearly fees/charges?

No, there is no reccuring fees. Once you purchase, you own it for life. You are eligible for lifetime updates for the plugin unless its mentioned with the product description.



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